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MGO Insulated Thermocouple

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Magnesium Oxide Insulated Thermocouple
a MGO Part Numbering Sheet

STS utilizes the highest quality MgO (magnesium oxide) insulated metal sheathed cable available in all MgO thermocouples. All cable meets or exceeds all applicable ANSI/ASTM standards. MgO insulated thermocouples have many desirable characteristics (i.e. fast response, compact size, broad temperature range, formability, weld ability, durability, accuracy, thermal shock and vibration resistance). These characteristics make the MgO insulated thermocouple an excellent choice for virtually all laboratory or process applications. The standard MgO insulated thermocouple configuration consists of ANSI/ASTM standard limits of error conductor material and standard (96%) pure insulation. Each catalog page details a variety of other configurations available.

Thermocouple with Compression Fitting



Thermocouple 1/16ӯ with Mounting Tab



Type K MGO thermocouple - Open exposed junction.

Exposed Junction Thermocouple are typically used in open air heating applications.  The exposed junction offers quicker responding temperature sensing.  Many configurations are available.  The MGO Thermocouple with fixed bushing and female jack is one of many options.



MGO Insulated Thermocouple