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Temperature Indicators



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The AG500 is a high performance indicator.

  • Bright, Easy-to-Read Oversized LED Displays
  • Depth is only 60mm (Panel space saving)
  • Numerous Input & Outputs
  • Max 2 contact input points (Option)
  • Max 6 alarm points (Option)
  • Interlock (Latch) Function
  • Digital Communication RS-485 or RS-422A (Option)
  • Sensor power supply function (Option)
  • Alarm Delay Timer
  • Alarm Hold Action
  • Alarm energized/de-energized action selected

AG Screen



The AE500 is new standard indicator.

  • Wide variety of inputs
  • Max 4 alarm points
  • Digital Communications RS-485 (Option)
  • Dustproof and waterproof structure IP65 (Option)

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AE500White body type

AE500 BlackBlack Body type

Pressure Indicator: PG500

PG500PG500 Installation Manual Click Here

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Monitoring of resin pressure is performed using a pressure sensor (CZ-200P or CZ-100P), pressure sensor indicator PG500.
  • Strain gauge type pressure sensor input.
  • PV bias function
  • PV ratio function
  • Peak hold function
  • Digital Input : 3 points
  • Max 4 alarm points (Option)
  • Transmission output (Option)
  • Digital Communication RS-485 or RS-422A (Option)

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Handheld Temperature Indicators


The DP-700 is a compact hand held digital thermometer designed to make temperature measurement easy.
  • USB function ( Only for DP-700B )
  • Data logging function
  • Tag number function
  • User name function
  • Temperature gradient indication
  • PV hold function
  • Peak hold function
  • Universal input ( K, J, RTD )
  • Burnout function
  • Remaining battery service life
  • Reflective FSTN LCD
STS offers a wide variety of sensors which are sold separately.


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The LTM-100 is water-proof handheld infrared thermometer.
This infrared sensor is ideal for applications where contact may cause contamination, the operator may be at risk due to high temperature, or when an object is in motion.
  • Water-proof property : IP67
  • High response : about 1 second
  • Simple operation
  • Light weight : Approx 123g



The DP-350C*A is a compact digital hand held temperature indicator.
  • PV hold function
  • Peak hold function
  • 0.1/1 switching resolution
  • Burnout function
  • Battery alarm function

STS offers a wide variety of sensors which are sold separately.

DP-350C*A Spec Sheet Click Here


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Temperature Indicators