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Flange Cartridge Heaters

Flanged Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heater can be manufactured with flange located at any point along sheath with adequate unheated area.

Flange Cartridge

     Water Pelletizer Cartridge Heater with Flange              k

Conduit Coupler Connector
Flexible conduit is attached with a copper coupler over-lapping the heater by 1/4". Leads are 14" long and cable 12" unless specified.
Fig. 1B and 1C can be attached to stock items.

Additional Variations

Special Wattage Distribution. Specify percentage of overall wattage and length for each section. Typically, the entire length is divided into thirds with the overall wattage split into the following percentages: 40% at lead and bottom third of length with 20% in the middle, or, 35% at lead and bottom third of length with 30% in the middle. 

Flange Cartridge Heaters