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Quartz Infrared Heaters

Quartz Infrared Emitters are used for industrial heating; our infrared quartz emitters are designed and engineered to your specifications. When you need to apply precise heat radiation with infinite controllability, infrared heating technology is the best option. The four main categories of infrared emitters are shown below. All categories can provide you short-wave or medium-wave along with a variety of options to provide you with optimal solution for your infrared heating technology needs.

STS Infrared Heater Catalog Pages

Short-Wave Infrared Heaters

Short-wave infrared emitters utilize a low-mass tungsten filament that is incased in a special blend of inert gasses. This provides a very high energy source capable of responding instantly to voltage changes, allowing for precise temperature control for a variety of applications.

  • Glass Tube:99.9% Pure Fused Silica Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material:Tungsten
  • Filament Temperature:1800 - 2400°C (3300 - 4400°F)
  • Peak Wavelength:1.0 - 1.4 µm
  • Typical Applications: 
    - Plastics Welding 
    - Curing Painted Surfaces 
    - Curing Powder Coatings 
    - Polymerization of coatings for cooking utensils 
    - Drying porcelain and ceramics 
    - Drying and production of glass-plastic composites 
    - Semiconductor Production

Short Wave

Fast-Response Medium-Wave Infrared Heaters

Fast-Response Medium-Wave infrared emitters are heaters that fall between the short and medium-wave standards. Utilizing the best of both worlds, fast-response medium-wave emitters are capable of almost instant response times while hitting a larger wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Glass Tube: 99.9% Pure Fused Silica Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material: Tungsten
  • Filament Temperature: 1400 - 1800°C (2500 - 3300°F)
  • Peak Wavelength: 1.4 – 1.6 µm
  • Response Time: 1 – 2 sec.
  • Typical Applications: 
    - Drying Processes 
    - Plastics Processing 
    - Curing of Coated Surfaces 
    - Gelling PVC coatings on textiles 
    - And Many Others...

Fast Response Emitter

Carbon-based Medium-Wave Infrared Heaters

Emitted Energy Carbon-based Medium-Wave Infrared Emitters are heaters that utilize a wound fiber-woven carbon filament. This unique lamp is ideal for drying applications that don’t require high, intense heat of short-wave and long drawn-out heat of medium-wave, but rather falls in between. Note: only available with white ceramic reflector coating.

  • Glass Tube: 99.9% Pure Fused Silica Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material: Wound Carbon Fiber-Woven
  • Filament Temperature: ~ 1200°C (~ 2200°F)
  • Peak Wavelength: ~ 2.0 µm
  • Response Time: > 3 sec.
  • Typical Applications: 
    - Drying Processes 
    - Curing of Coated Surfaces 
    - Pre-heating and Post-heating 
    - And Many Others...

Carbon Emitter

Medium-Wave Infrared Heaters

Emitted Energy Medium-wave infrared emitters utilize a high temperature nickel/chromium alloy filament to provide a steady source of heat. These high efficiency emitters convert 80 to 90 percent of the input electrical energy into infrared radiation making it ideal for situations requiring longer applications of heat.

  • Glass Tube:99.9% Pure Fused Silica Quartz Sealed
  • Filament Material:Nickel-Chromium Alloy
  • Filament Temperature:800 – 950°C (1500 - 1800°F)
  • Peak Wavelength:2.0 – 4.0 µm
  • Response Time: > 1 min.
  • Typical Applications: 
    - Curing Painted Surfaces 
    - Preheating Plastics 
    - Curing Powder Coatings 
    - Drying / heat setting textiles after dyeing or printing 
    - Supplemental heating 
    - Drying or inks for printing and silk-screening 
    - Preheating and curing wood coatings

Medium Wave Emitter

Quartz Radiant Heaters