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Coil Heaters

Standard Coil Heater Configuration

Flat Coil Heater: Offering this versatile industry standard 2.5mm x 3.4mm coil heater with integrated type J or type K thermocouple options. Consistently chosen as the right solution with many of the industry leading injection molding OEMs. Build to order for custom configurations. Quick ship wind from straight stock for same to next day shipments.
Low Profile Coil Heaters: We have responded to industry calls for a thinner coil heater with integral thermocouple option by creating the 1.8mm x 3.2mm flat low profile coil heater. The 3.2mm width allows for greater watt density while the 1.8mm height allows OEMs to design drops closer to each other and also closer to coolant line.
Pressed in Brass Coil Heater: The high performance and fast delivery alternative to a cast in brass heater. The ultimate in nozzle to nozzle repeatability.
Mini Coil/ Micro Mini:The factories heater performance in space challenged applications. The mini coil heater has proven to be a durable small nozzle performer. External thermocouples can be wound in with the mini coil and located where you need it most
Hotlock® Coil Heater: Hotlock® mini coil heater utilizes a positive locking positioning ring. Installation is easy, with a twist of the end cap ring the heater is secured into position on to the nozzle. No tools needed to secure the heater and thermocouple onto the nozzle
Axial Clamp Heater: The axial clamp heaters feature a position locking cam system for ultimate positively and heat transfer performance. Excellent for high caution applications.
Formable Coil Heater: The round coil heater has found new life in applications where form in place heaters can be used. The round coil heater is innovatively incorporated into packaging, micro molding, and three dimensional form in groove heating applications. If you have a challenging object to heat the round coil heater is an excellent alternative to consider.
Round Coil Heaters: For those who prefer round coil heaters, the factory continues to produce the heater that started the trend toward high performance nozzle heating. Available in 3.0, 3.18 and 4.0 diameter sizes.


Maxi Coil Heater: The most durable coil heater on the market. Can support larger diameters without the need of a pressed on sheath. The larger size allows for higher voltages and greater watt density. Excellent for large format injection molding and die casting applications.
Coil Heaters