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Standard Ceramic Band Heaters

Standard Ceramic Band Heaters Configurator or Ceramic Band Heater Application Worksheet

Plastic processing requires high operating temperatures and fast production rates. The factory has designed its ceramic band heaters to meet these demands. These heater are, in effect, high temperature electric furnaces capable of very efficient heat transfer by radiation, conduction and convection. Built-in insulation minimizes unwanted temperature changes along the barrel.

Other types of band heaters are primarily conductive, requiring an intimate fit with components being heated. Grooves or other surface irregularities form voids under the bands, resulting in hot spots and premature heater failure.

Ceramic bands are recommended here because efficient heat transfer is not affected by irregular surfaces or loose fit. At higher watt densities they can be used in wider increments than other heaters. This means you can reduce the number of bands used and simplify wiring.


Ceramic Band Heater Catalog Pages

  1. Stainless steel sheath: Resists rust and high temperatures, and provides firm mechanical support. Easily wraps around barrel due to fluted construction.
  2. Thermal insulation : ¼ inch of ceramic fiber prevents heat loss, thereby lowering energy costs.
  3. Ceramic coil supports: Designed for their dielectric and thermoconductive characteristics, the interlocking feature provides flexibility so band wraps easily around barrel.
  4. Nickel-chrome heating coil, precision wound, helical construction gives extended service. A heavier weight than found in mica or other conventional heaters.

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Standard Band Heaters