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Band Heaters

STS offers a wide range of band heaters. Band heaters apply heat by conduction to cylindrical surfaces.

Band Heaters

Mica Band Heaters

Mineral Band heaters Configurator to Request a Quote or Mica Band Application Worksheet

Basic Mica Band Construction & Nozzle Band Heaters

Click here for the Mica Band Heater Physical Limitation Sheet 

Barrel Nut Strap Brazed to Sheath for added strength

Angled Band Heater

Nozzle Band Heaters

Mica Rectangular Band Heater

A) Flexible armor (BX) installed over flexible leads.
B) Metal braid installed over flexible leads.
C) flexible leads - asbestos and fiberglass insulated nickel or nickel clad conductor. Installed with 2" fiberglass boot.
D) Low profile band, presize for slip fit by installation of punch lock straps.
E) Terminal box.
F) Flexible armor in right angle bracket.
G) Thermocouple hole.
H) Button Terminals
I) Appliance pins.
J) Twist lock plug installed on leads.
K) Extra wide gap, specify.
L) Grounding stud.
M) Dual voltage, specify.
N) Stainless steel sheath.
O) Low profile strap. Specify this coupon only if desired on sizes where not normally supplied.
P) Post terminals


Standard Band Heaters